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Healthy vending

date:2016-10-13 16:06:28

California College Petitions For Healthier Vending Machine Options


Professors and administrative staff at Contra Costa College in San Pablo, CA, are petitioning for healthier food options in campus vending machines, according to CCC Advocate. The petition was started after English department faculty and staff raised concerns for a lack of nutritional items offered to students in vending machines.

The petition, sent to the college’s president, addressed how sugary snacks are linked to negative health issues and can negatively affect a student’s performance in the classroom. The petition calls for healthier snacks to be offered in campus vending machines alongside traditional snack options.

Canteen Bay Area Vending provides all three campuses in the Contra Costa Community College District with vending machines.

Editor’s note: It’s interesting that the staff and professors are the advocates in this, rather than the human resource department or student body. Could it be a sign that times really are changing among the current vending machine consumer and what products they expect, and will purchase?