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date:2016-10-13 15:59:01

Google Bus Showcases Vagabond Vending’s Route Scheduling Features at Google I/O 2016


Google Maps for Work, a division of Google, Inc., recently worked with Vagabond Vending, a leading provider of route management and data analytics tools to vending machine operators, to showcase how route-based businesses are using Google’s enterprise mapping tools to improve efficiency. Google highlighted the vending industry application at its international developers conference, Google I/O 2016, where Google coders from around the world gather to move the world forward. Google Maps for Work is an extremely powerful resource to help manage the extensive logistics requirements of geographically distributed businesses like vending operators. Vagabond uses Google Maps to help drivers best navigate busy streets in order to get through their daily routes as fast as possible.

Vagabond Vending, which operates an expansive integrated communications network of machines, is transforming the vending industry with its intuitive Vending Management Software (VMS), breadth of hardware solutions, and unique financing capabilities. The Vagabond platform includes extensive mapping features, developed in conjunction with Google Maps APIs, that are used by operators of vending machines to help route their delivery trucks efficiently. When combined with the product merchandising and pre-kitting facilities offered by the Vagabond platform, operators can significantly reduce the frequency with which machines are visited as well as the amount of labor, miles and truck maintenance required to service their machines. The end result is a leaner, smarter operation with net profit margins of nearly four times the industry average, according to company sources.

“Vagabond’s route scheduling features built using the Google Maps APIs is a great example of how businesses can create solutions allowing them to make fast and informed decisions as well as improve the performance efficiency,” remarked Christina Gill, who handles Partner Marketing for Google, Inc. “We’re excited Vagabond is using Google Maps to help vending operators improve their quality of life.”

“Our team’s goal is to make life more fun and business more profitable for vending operators,” says Vagabond COO, Juan Jorquera. “Vagabond’s scheduling module simply lets operators visit less machines less frequently and spend less time during each visit while putting less money into gas, maintenance and labor.”

Operators who employ vending management software technology tend to be more profitable because it enables them to automate the daily tasks associated with moving massive amounts of inventory, control product shrinkage, and streamline the financial administration of the business. Incorporating live routing capabilities into their daily routines further increases profits because drivers spend less time driving and more time servicing machines and making happy customers.

John Powell, Vagabond’s VP of Product Development adds, “Vagabond is proud to partner with the Google Maps team to bring real benefits to vending operators. Only visiting the machines that need it, only bringing the necessary products, and spending less time on the road is a game changer for operators who are trying to get the most out of limited resources.”


About Vagabond

Vagabond ( is the technology platform for the vending industry. A modern communications network delivers real-time business intelligence to the palm of an operator’s hand using the industry’s widest selection of telemetry & cashless sources. Vagabond’s intuitive software tools are designed to help operators match product selections with their customers’ demand, dramatically increasing customer satisfaction as well as the amount of time their machines can go without a visit. This makes them a leaner, smarter, and more profitable operation capable of winning and managing more accounts with less resources. Vagabond’s customers report net profit margins of nearly four times the industry average. More importantly, they have more time to spend with their families, higher bowling scores, and more peace of mind.